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Jarred Mercado talks Ring of Fire, Training, and Sponsors Jarred Mercado of Shutout Wrestling Wins 36-0 Jarred Mercado Fight 2 Jarred Mercado Fight 1 Clvr Tv – MMA – Fight To Win Preview
Jarred Mercado talks Ring of Fire, Training, and Sponsors
Jarred Mercado of Shutout Wrestling Wins 36-0

Jarred Mercado of Shutout Wrestling and Grudge Training Center wins 36-0 at Fight 2 Win Tournament of Champions (featured here is the semifinals of the advanced division).

On March 25th, 2011, Jarred will be competing in the Main Event for Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz.

To learn more about Jarred you can follow him on Twitter at read more...

Jarred Mercado Fight 2

Check out Jarred’s moves in this video

Jarred Mercado Fight 1

Video footage of Jarred Mercado

Clvr Tv – MMA – Fight To Win Preview

Chris Williamson guides us through the best of the MMA world with unparalleled precision and insight. Chris goes deep with gym owners, teams, and fighters, as they prepare for the upcoming Fight to Win event WAR coming April 17th to Denver, Colorado. Featured are Elliot Marshall, Justin Salas and Chaun Simms from Grudge; Jesse Henley from Progressive MMA; and Cat Albert, Matt Sims, Josh Goldberger

Jarred Mercado News

Down the stretch we come

Well another training camp is in the books, the hard work is pretty much over. The only thing left at this point is making weight. This is always an interesting time period, as you have a little more free time. The reality sets in that you are about to be locked into a cage and forced into a fist fight. You start reflecting on the preparation you put in and wondering if it was enough and if there is anything else you could have done. While I always will make tweaks and additions to my future training, I really feel things went great for this fight and I know I took some great steps to be ready.

I feel I have struck a great balance in focusing on each of the key aspects of the fight game. My striking I have been working with Christian Allen who is a martial arts genius in setting a great game plan, as well as Sean Madden who is a Duane Bang Ludwig protégé. For wrestling I have more...

Don’t stop believin

You can pick any sport in the world and you will hear stories of athletes who were amazingly talented, who could out perform everyone in practice but yet never made it in the sport. This disconnect between ability and performance has created a whole market for sports psychologist to help athletes overcome the hurdles and barriers their own mind has created for them.

I’ve had this conversation millions of times and spent countless hours thinking about the mental battle that goes into competition. One thing that I have taken from it is the level of belief that a person has in themselves directly correlates to their ability to perform when the lights are on. More specifically I think there is a difference between believing in internal factors vs external factors.

So many times I hear guys discuss a fight something along the lines of “my opponent wont be as good as more...

Success leaves clues

I always like to write out my thoughts leading up to a fight for a couple of reasons. First it serves as a good outlet for myself. Throughout the day I have a never ending cycle of thoughts related to fighting running through my head. It is a great release to formulate those thoughts into hopefully coherent talking points. I like to be able to look back on the pieces I write and evaluate what progress I have made both in my skills and how I view the process. Lastly I always enjoy reading first hand experiences specifically from athletes. It might be of interest to some to see the day to day happenings that take place in getting ready for a fight. A spectator sees an athlete perform on the night of a competition, but the impending result has already been in motion for weeks,months or years before that night.

For the next 5 weeks or so I plan on focusing on what steps I take to ensure more...

The Gift

I won my fight luckily I came out healthy so I decided to take a fight for the Fight for the Troops Event on Feb 9th.

Typically each fight I try to pay a small tribute to my friend Sandrino Plutino, who was a Sergeant in the Army Rangers and was KIA  on August 8th, 2011. I felt this was a good opportunity to help honor the memory of Sandrino. He has many family and friends who love and miss him very much, so I would like to help in any small way that I can to introduce people to the sacrifice that Sandrino made and the remember the type of person he was.

My family took a hard hit yesterday, as my uncle John, passed away unexpectedly. He was my godfather and my mom’s older brother; it has been an emotional 24 hours for my family.

I would never want to trivialize the loss of someone and use it as a rallying cry for victory in a sports event. I think of the loss of more...